Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is one of the core components of integrative medicine. Many complex, chronic health issues of the twenty-first century can benefit immensely from a holistic nutritional approach that looks at genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors and provides a systems-based framework for treatment. The application of functional nutrition in the clinical setting involves discussion about dietary changes along with suggestions for nutritional supplementation and specific foods that can help to alleviate a patient’s individual health challenges. Functional nutrition is particularly helpful for improving patient outcomes involving gastrointestinal issues, metabolic syndrome, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.
Functional Nutrition - Oak City Chiropractic
Functional Nutrition - Oak City Chiropractic
Our Registered Dietitian, Kim Kaplan, has over 20 years of experience offering functional nutrition support to patients experiencing a variety of health challenges.

She has worked with patients to:

  • reduce systemic inflammation in the body
  • support adrenal function during periods of high stress
  • control blood sugar levels
  • help athletes maximize their performance
  • identify food allergies
  • change eating behaviors
  • combat low energy and fatigue
  • address mental health issues

Kim will create a nutritional strategy to help patients achieve significant improvements in their overall health — naturally.